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Looking for a Consultant?


Finding the right employee in logistics, purchasing, transport, forwarding and supply chain is often associated with obstacles. Many search strategies are ineffective and very time consuming. Personnel consultancies without logistics and procurement know-how offer inadequate solutions.

The Logistikjob.de team will help, you with your search for employers, based on its many years of practical experience in logistics management, as transport professionals, purchasing experts,  management and in consulting.

When looking for candidates, we are checking miscellaneous ways: either by our internal pool with current job seekers and qualified applicants or by our national and international network.

We identify suitable applicants and  recommend those who meet your requirements.

By acting  this way, we prevent plenty of unnecessary applicants which do not bring you the desired results or not quickly enough, but only blocking a lot of  valuable processing time.

Our services

  • Establishing a qualified requirement profile (if desired, in a personal conversation with us, at your location or by e-mail or on the phone)
  • Upon request, we will publish the job offer on Logisticjob.com
  • Research / search for suitable candidates
  • Individual creation of the applicant profiles
  • Preselection, interview and proposal of suitable applicants
  • Necessary coordination and appointments with the applicant and with you
  • Participation in the job interview (on request)
  • If necessary, consulting and decision support

For suggesting suitable applicants, please send us your suitable job profile to recruiting@logisticjob.com. Afterwards we will contact you to agree on the details in question, further steps and the modalities.