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Logistics is an important and constantly growing industry, with jobs available in many regions of Germany. In Germany, the regions of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne and the Ruhr area are important centers for logistics companies and therefore offer a wide range of job opportunities.

Logistics in the center of Europe

In Austria and Switzerland there are also numerous companies that are active in the logistics sector and provide jobs for skilled workers. Logistics jobs range from warehousing and management to transportation and supply chain management.

International logistics

International logistics companies often offer attractive career opportunities and the chance to work in an international network of experts and benefit from a wide range of resources and technology.

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Logistics job market and personnel consulting

Logisticjob.com is the online logistics job market with a focus on logistics, warehousing, shipping, materials management, purchasing, production, vehicle fleet, IT, SCM, forwarding, rail and transport.

Logisticjob.com was founded from the initiative of the Logistic Analytic Service Unternehmensberatung GmbH which is the specialist in logistics, SCM, human resources and management.

We offer to our customers our services in human resources, active search and access to our own pool and network. We also propose flexible employment schemes such as temporary employment together with our cooperation partners.

Together with our cooperation partners, we will provide you with a variety of interesting job offers from the logistics industry.

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