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200,00 €

14 DAY PACKAGE (200€ + VAT)

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300,00 €

30 DAY PACKAGE (300€ + VAT)

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500,00 €

60 DAY PACKAGE (500€ + VAT)

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Our job packages at a glance

Included Service 14 Day Package 30 Day Package 60 Day Package
Your own logo in the job advertisement
With details of the location on the map
Full job description
– JOB Details
– Tasks
– Qualifications
– Required skills
– Contact information
– Link to your website
Prioritized support
Placement on niche sites
(e.g. Transportjob.net, Exportjob.de etc.)
Job offer for 7 days on the Logisticjob.com homepage
Price per ad 200 € 300 € 500 €
2 – 5 ads 15 % discount 15 % discount 15 % discount
6 – 10 ads 30 % discount 30 % discount 30 % discount
from 11 ads 50 % discount 50 % discount 50 % discount
Term extension 14 days + 100 € + 100 € + 100 €
NEW Promote on the homepage in the “Premium Jobs” slider incl. logo + 50 € + 100 € + 150 €

You place your job offer directly on Logisticjob.com or we take care of the creation according to your specifications. Thanks to our reach, your job advertisement will be found by many potential applicants from the logistics industry.

Logistik Jobs


The inexpensive entry into the recruitment process.

So that your company already scores on the first impression, our BASIS package includes the integration of your company logo, the option of an additional search using the map and much more.

Jobs in Logistik


The solution for optimal visibility

94% of our customers opt for a job advertisement in a 30-day package when choosing their product:

The perfect package to reach as many job seekers as possible.

On average, the placement on Airlinesjob.net, Railwayjob.net,
Transportjob.net, Warehousejob.net, Importjob.de, Exportjob.de generates 60% more applicants,
because these domains are also found on the Internet and thus these job advertisements assigned to domains achieve more clicks.

In addition, you benefit from a longer term of 30 days.

Jobs Logistik


So you are always one step ahead

This package scores with our customers because of its increased visibility. On the Logisticjob.com homepage, your ad rotates over a period of 7 days, alternating with other job ads in the first position in search results lists.
Ideal for companies that advertise positions that are difficult to fill or have a more time-consuming application process.

With an increased duration of 60 days, you have the opportunity to address more qualified applicants through your advertisement.