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A variety of jobs in an exciting industry

The professions in the aviation sector are diverse and exciting at the same time. Anyone looking for a job in this industry will usually find what they are looking for based on their own skills, qualifications and interests. Whether you like working with people when looking after passengers on the ground and in the air, or you are involved in the technical maintenance of aircraft or help shape the procedures and processes in air freight, companies in the aviation industry offer a range of interesting career choices.

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Recent airline job offers

Logistics is an important
part of aviation

Air transport is now an important part of many international logistics networks. It handles the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources such as products, services and people from the source of production to the market. With this logistical process, the geographic repositioning of raw materials, work in progress and finished inventory can be repositioned on a global scale.

Special cargo planes or the lower decks of passenger planes are used to transport containers, pallets or individual parts. Larger cargo airlines typically use new or converted aircraft. However, many other cargo airlines still use older aircraft, including those no longer fit for passenger service. These machines will be adapted to accept standard air freight pallets. Thus, the service life of the machines can be extended. You then replace e.g. the glazed windows by opaque panels, the cabin floor is reinforced and a wide hinged door is used on one side of the hull.

Which companies offer jobs in air freight?

At airlinesjob.net, the focus is on jobs related to the handling of air freight. Since the journey of an air freight consignment begins far away from an airport, the respective activities do not have to be located in a company directly at an airport or in an air freight company. Air freight shipments usually arise in manufacturing companies or trading companies that want to transport an item by plane to another country or continent. In many cases, the plane is the only transport option when transport by ship is too slow.

The work with an air freight shipment therefore already begins in the company that wants to send something by air freight. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small product, a pallet, a machine or an entire container: the item must first be packaged appropriately. In the respective company, clerks or forwarding agents work in the shipping area who take care of the shipping or export. You can also research and book freight rates and available capacities with the airlines. These employees must also ensure the correct customs clearance of the goods. Truck transport to the airport and from the destination airport to the customer must also be organized. This process is coordinated between the sender and recipient of the goods. Both are informed about the dispatch status and the location of the goods throughout the entire process through tracking and tracing software. This allows you to react quickly in unusual situations. This is usually necessary when the recipient urgently needs a product.

Forwarding and transport of air freight

There is a large air freight area at the respective airports themselves. Goods that are intended for dispatch or that have arrived are temporarily stored here until they are loaded onto an aircraft or picked up by a transport company and brought to the customer. Employees with specific knowledge are also required for these huge air freight warehouses. They store the items and make them available in good time when they are needed for the flight or for transport. Warehouse management software supports employees in their processes and helps them to keep track of all stored items. However, sometimes it makes sense for a manufacturing company or a trading company to hand over all processes related to air freight to transport companies or freight forwarders. These service providers then also specialized in the processing of air freight shipments, among other things. They take over all the steps that have already been described, from customs clearance to intermediate transport. They also organize air freight transport in coordination with the sender and recipient. These forwarding agencies, which can vary in size, also offer hiring options for forwarding agents, customs officers and export or import officers. These employees are specialists primarily in international customs and export regulations. This is important because these usually change quickly depending on the region.

Any company involved in air cargo cannot be successful without customers. As in other sectors of the economy, there are also employees who work as sales representative or in the office trying to get new customers and convince them of their own competence and quality. It is also important to take care of existing customers and to communicate with them if something is not going to the customer’s satisfaction. The range of skilled workers that is in demand in the air freight industry corresponds to the processes described above.

These professionals in the air cargo industry include:

  • Air freight dispatchers
  •  Customer Service Agents
  • Import and export clerk
  • Forwarding merchants for air and sea freight
  • Clerk for customs issues
  • Operations Agents
  • Employees for commercial processing
  • Document handling staff
  • Packing and shipping logistics workers